30 day book challenge – day 24 – Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like/liked.

I’m not normally shy or embarrassed by what I read – I will even admit that I quite like Twilight under duress (though typing that did make me cringe).  There has only been one occasion when I have been too embarrassed to own up to reading something, and it was not just a book, it was a whole series:

The Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike

I was 13 years old, I had just started High School and it was one of our first English lessons.  The teacher was going round the class asking us to speak about our favourite books and what we had most recently been reading.  She was getting closer and closer to me and my mind was going into panic mode.  I had come from a small school in a small village where your classmates come to be like family.  Now I was in a big school and I hardly knew anyone.  I didn’t want to be judged for what I read.

I don’t know what I actually said that I read.  I might even have got away without answering the question altogether.  The truth is, at that age I was vampire obsessed and The Last Vampire series was my absolute favourite.

Sita is a vampire, but she lives among humans.  She is thousands of years old and so she has decreased sensitivity to the things that would normally harm vampires (e.g. daylight, crucifixes etc.) so she is able to lead a pretty regular life.  Except that she is super strong and agile and she drinks blood (but not human blood).  There are six books in the series, in which she has to battle the First Vampire, a bastion of evil.  However, the humans that she is trying to protect see Sita as the threat and so she becomes a hunted woman.

I guess I must have thought that these books were pretty poor to be ashamed to admit to reading them, or maybe it is because I was so ahead of my time and didn’t want to admit to being a vampire lover!  But even though I was too embarrassed to say that I liked them, I really did like them.  I wanted to be Sita – I loved her strength and her abilities.  I even started writing a story at the time about a 13 year old girl who thinks she is ordinary until she finds an old diary in the attic from which she finds out that she is descended from vampires.

I loved Christopher Pike’s vampire series so much that I read pretty much everything else that he wrote.  It is my one venture into sci-fi and I loved it.  I can still remember a lot of the stories quite well, having not read them now for almost 15 years.

I find it hard to be objective about childhood books because I do view them with a lot of nostalgia – if I read them again maybe I would think that the writing is terrible and the plots make no sense.  But writing this post does make me want to read them all over again, and be less ashamed of admitting it this time!


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  1. What an unexpected trip down memory lane! I haven’t thought about it in ages, but I also LOVED all the Christopher Pike books – I still have the entire collection on one of my bookshelves! My favourite was The Midnight Club, and the Final Friends series. 🙂
    After getting this reminder I think I might just go back and reread one or two of them this weekend. Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

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