30 day book challenge – day 12 – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.

There was a time in my life when I barely read at all.  I packed up and moved 350 miles from home to go to University, leaving all of my books behind.  I wanted to travel as lightly as possible so my books didn’t make the journey with me.  During term time, I would work hard and play hard.  Then when I went home, I would read anything I could put my hands on during the holidays before leaving it all behind again.

There was one book that changed that and brought reading back into my life all year round.  It was an impulse buy at the airport when I was waiting for a flight back to Newcastle.  That book was Atonement by Ian McEwan.

I really enjoyed the book although Briony annoyed me intensely (though if she hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been a story).  I then later read On Chesil Beach, also by Ian McEwan, which is an uncomfortably intimate but exquisite portrait of the first night of marriage for a young couple.  Ian McEwan was then firmly on my radar.

I had been aware of Enduring Love before I had seen the film because I knew I wanted to read more Ian McEwan.  Then I saw the film, which I thought was excellent.  It was really dark and psychological.  The thing that got to me was that the main character, Joe, was just so ordinary.  His reaction to the sequence of events and the way everything seemed to spiral out of control I could imagine happening to anyone.  I really thought Daniel Craig and Rhys Ifans did an excellent job,  Watching this film put Enduring Love to the top of my to read list.

That was nearly 5 years ago.  Not only have I not yet read Enduring Love, I haven’t read any other Ian McEwan books, and I don’t have any on my bookshelves waiting to be read.  I’ve reminded myself all over again just why I want to read it though, and so I’m going to make the effort to buy/borrow it after writing this post though and put it back at the top of the reading pile.


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