30 day book challenge – day 7 – A guilty pleasure book.

For this, I have to turn to a YA series – Twilight.

I’m embarrassed to say that I actually quite like Twilight.  Every instinct that I have tells me I shouldn’t – Bella is totally insipid and I can’t stand the way that she is so defined by her feelings for Edward.  She is so serious and miserable all of the time – I really don’t understand why any of her friends in the book actually put up with her.  Edward is possessive and controlling, and so is Jacob in a way – he is also absolutely convinced he knows what is best for Bella.  The rest of the characters are underdeveloped, some of the writing is unbearably awful, and I always felt that Stephanie Meyer was a bit of a coward as she always backed down from the confrontation at the end.  I know it must be hard for her to contemplate killing off characters that she loves, but J K Rowling managed to do it and the Harry Potter books were all the better for it, because it made the stakes so much more real.

In spite of all of that, and against my better judgement, there is something compelling about these stories.  Somehow in the midst of everything that I should hate, Stephanie Meyer has created a real page turner that I just couldn’t put down.

The worst bit for me is that I think it might actually boil down to Edward Cullen.  I was firmly on the side of Team Edward (just writing that makes me cringe).  As modern a woman as I claim to be, some part of me was drawn to the strong, handsome, protective, domineering Edward Cullen.

To be fair to Stephanie Mayer, although I felt the endings were all anti-climactic, she did a good job of building up the tension and suspense to keep the pages turning to the end.

The official stance I take on Twilight is that it is awful.  Secretly, it is my guilty pleasure.


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