One week in – changing my writing challenge…

I set myself the challenge of not losing creativity during the working week by setting aside time every day to complete a writing exercise.  You can read the blog about this here.

One of my aims had been to post the results of the daily exercise into this blog.  However, after completing 4 exercises in a row about about opening lines, I realised that simply posting the outcome of the exercises is not going to make for very interesting content.

So I am going to have to be a little bit more creative.

Instead of simply posting the exercises into the blog, I am going to use them as a starting point to inspire short stories, which I will post instead.  I am still going to set aside the time and complete a new exercise every day, but I will use this as a starting point rather than as an aim in itself.

When I defined myself as an aspiring writer, I said I wanted to create finished stories, adopt writing routines, maintain my creativity, feel more comfortable in sharing my writing and work on improving my writing.

It seems to me that using the writing exercises from my writing challenge to create new characters and stories is a much better way for me to achieve those aims, rather than treating it like a homework exercise which I will complete and then forget about.  It will take me longer to create stories to post, but hopefully it will make for more interesting blog posts and it  be more beneficial to my writing in the long run.  Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to open the door on the host of characters who are currently tapping away, looking for a way out.


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